I am Argi, short for Yana Argiropoulos. I am half Greek, half Bulgarian and like to think that I have embodied the best qualities of both nations. Then again I doubt it. Nobody’s that perfect. 

I am Argi and I am a mother of two. A boy and a girl, they are my biggest achievement and inspiration in life. To perceive my work as play and to enjoy life no matter what, that I learned from them. 

I am Argi and I am a passionate yogi. It all started few years ago, but when I had my first child, I started practicing every day at home and it all got so serious. I can do raven pose. That serious. 

I am Argi and I am a book lover. That I have been all my life. I love well written stories that make me dream, learn and travel while sitting on the couch with a book in my hands. 

I am Argi and I am a graphic designer. This job combines my favorite occupations and allows me to take part in meaningful projects that inspire the artistic part of me. Which is almost all of me. 

I am Argi and I am a freelancer. Because this allows me to work at the exact time that my inspiration comes in full. 

I am Argi and I am a visual storyteller. I can make your ideas speak with their looks and communicate their meaning in the best way possible.